Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blog Transfer

Hi Friends,

I'd created a new blog for me posting. Please visit :

Thank you and wish you a pleasant day ahead.

Wendy aka Lady Wendy

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Indonesia Trip (9-16 April 2008)

Didn't blog for a while as I was out of town for a week. Paid a visit to my friend in Jakarta. I was pretty shock when I reach the international airport as it is pretty run down. But when I set out of the airport, Jakarta is like a heaven to me. The environment is so similar to Malaysia and the Malay language makes me feel like I am back home.....The first day was basically burn, but I manage to get a nice 1 hour Javanese massage which cost me S$10 only! haha!

On the second day, my friend drive me and Roy with his mother to Taman Mini. A cultural center which combine all Indonesian arts and cultural in the garden. Firstly, we went to the IMAX Theater to see the movie about dinosaur. The movie actually makes people question about life and how long human can live for the amount of pollution in this current era. Also, is dinosaur the ancestor of the birds now? Are human the evolution of monkey or we are just human from the beginning?
After IMAX, we went sightseeing at Taman Mini.

My friend Astani look so happy while climbing the stairs of Kalimantan Long House.....

After touring around Taman Mini. We went to Pondok Indah(the latest build shopping mall in Jakarta) to have lunch. We had Nasi Ayam Penyet, it is pretty delicious......

Sightseeing in Jakarta town....look there's art gallery in the pondok

While driving back home, Astani actually suggested that Roy and I should go to Bali instead of staying in Jakarta for the whole week as Jakarta is basically a city and has limited attraction for us. We manage to get the airticket from the local travel agent and tomorrow we are going off to Bali! Look at the way Astani laugh as though he is the one who is going....haha

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Show at Cafe Del Mar

Last Saturday(5th April 2008) I was engaged by Fly Entertainment to do an event in Cafe Del Mar, Sentosa. Met Irene Ang(she's the wife of Phua Chu Kang, if case you don't know who she is). Kinda friendly person I would say although she is a celebrity.

I was the stilt walker and human statue and did talent management for another "statue" as they require 2 of us. It is a all girl party, so Roy is not "qualified" for this assignment unless he is willing to be a "bapok"...haha!

Roy and I went there in the afternoon to experience the actual location as stilt walking on the sand could be quite risky.

Anyway, I tipu abit for the stilt walking due to some injury on my legs previously. I am afraid I couldn't stand and walk on the stilts for 1 hour, so Roy hand made a human- butterfly stick for me in case of emergency I won't fall off from that height!

Video of Wendy at work:

My Outfit for Retro Style Human Statue, I look like a ghost from far......

When I was waiting for my show slot, I met my friends- Kita, Josephine and her bf in the artist resting lounge. In fact Roy and I met them last week in the Flowtoys Trunk Jamming Session.
What a small world! They are originally from Germany, and they are really good! Catch their performance below:

Snap a photo before leaving the club first. Roy, Alan and I spent the whole night in Sentosa. Lying on the beach, enjoying life.......
I have to admit that Sentosa is a fantastic place for couples as it is so romantic at night! Mr. Right, where are you, I suddenly feel lonely :-l

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cool Site!

Japanese food has always been one of my favorite food. I was very into the Japanese cultural as my god brother and quite a number of my uni-friends and course mates are Japanese. I love Sashimi, Sushi, Salmon Bento, Teriyaki Chicken and Unagi of course! My mouth starts to water already......... :-S
I can still recall I was so mad about all the local cuisine when I was in Japan February 2008. The result for it, I gained 5KG in 2 weeks time! Ooops.... forget to blog about my trip..... :-)

Anyway yesterday I was hunting for restaurant and food reviews from Google and HugryGoWhere, I came across - a free one-stop online promotion portal. Out of curiosity, I click into the website and found this site covers various promotions in Singapore, A total of 13 main categories with lots of subcategories, and you should be able find the information that you are interested.

For food hunter like me, for sure my attention will focus on the F& B column and click into the Dining link. The next second I know is a full page of promotions and freebies.

1-for-1 Red Plates* brought to you by Sakae Sushi, HSBC" strike my attention!
Mamamia...... I never know how smart my HSBC credit cards could be.
Exclusively every Tuesday HSBC credit cardholders got to enjoy a 1 for 1 Sushi (Red Plates). Which means I can just pay half of the amount based on the plates of sushi that I normally consume! Imagine this time round I can eat more sushi...... It so cool! Sakae Sushi, wait for me..........

The Balloon Cocoons

One month ago, one of my agent arranged an event for us on 31 March 2008. As the location - Carlton Hotel Empress Ballroom's stage is pretty small and the ceiling is low. The client wanted us to propose another show instead of our usual stage performance- "Cyber Freak!"

Previously Roy and I already have an idea of creating a show with elements of art. It is very challenging to expose the arts to Dinner and Dance as most of the guest are more interested on the food and "yum seng". The quality of the performance have to be very strong to attract the audience and out beat the FOOD!

Based on the original concept of our previous musical drama show - THE REBORN HUMAN. We add in some other customized ideas that Roy and I had compiled, we finally created the show which focus on as follow: -
At the beginning, 2 "springy" objects will 'roll" onto the stage. Later on, the performers will blow up a balloon in the top part of each "springy" (which look like a light bulb). After that, the 2 performers will crawl into their own balloon and let the balloon cramped onto their body (which look like a cocoon). Later on, a cocoon will break out from the balloon and helps the dancing female cocoon to transform into a butterfly.

At that day itself (this Monday) I was so nervous despite all the rehearsals. Probably it is the first day I am doing this show. My other performer friends - Edmund and Alan came to video the show and give some "comments" on our performance. Thank god that the show goes on well, and the crowd are satisfy with the performance:-)

Some picutres below for an idea of how the story line goes......

Alan only managed to take 6 photos as my camera's memory is full. I was so focus on rehearsal until I forget to delete them. Luckly Alan's video down the show with his camera. Will edit it then post it on my blog/website. So folks, stay tune yea..... ;-)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wendy as Talent Manager?

My client requested a mime, unicyclist and other talents for mingling during Volkswagen's 1st year anniversary celebration which is taken place in their showroom on 29 and 30 March 2008.

To ensure a flow in the performer's schedule, I have to be the talent manager for the performers
. The events goes smoothly and it is pretty exciting. How good if I can perform as well :-S

Roy at work.... he is super funny, the kids and adult loves him! Even the waiters are entertained!